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Why Rubicon PR Group?

Media Expertise

Harness the power of both earned media coverage & advertorial coverage, ensuring your brand resonates with a wide-ranging audience.

Strategic PR Synergy

We seamlessly merge public relations and investor relations to elevate both public and private sector narratives.

Results That Matter

Receive white-glove engagements tailored to your needs with favorable terms on deliverables.

Three Reasons To Choose

Experience a PR Alignment Tailored Just for You

Precision-Focused: Dive into PR initiatives designed meticulously to match your brand's unique character and objectives.

Efficiency First: Focused campaigns that target your audience directly, eliminating wasteful diversions and ensuring every effort counts.

Client-Centric: Engage with a PR process where your voice is heard, your brand is prioritized, and every move is communicated.

Editorial Earned Media In Leading Publications

Top Publication Access: Secure your brand's presence in prestigious media outlets such as: Forbes, The Washington Post, and Business Insider, ensuring maximum visibility and credibility.

Strategic Media Planning: Develop a comprehensive plan for earned media that aligns with your existing or new media strategy, incorporating thought leadership to position your brand as an industry leader.

Internal Comms Planning: Create an internal communication plan to effectively repackage and disseminate your media coverage across important business functions such as: sales, marketing, investor relations & more — maximizing impact and new turnover.

Secure Non-Sponsored Advertorial coverage

Advertorial Coverage Reimagined: Receive guaranteed advertorial coverage that will never show as being sponsored.

Premium Media Access: Propel your brand to the spotlight with our connections to high-caliber media outlets and platforms that match your companies framework & brand.

Market Selection: Choose from outlets in multiple markets including: Australia, Canada, The United States, & more.

Separating Rubicon PR Group

This list highlights Rubicon PR Group's advantages over traditional PR firms, showcasing our innovative edge that's made us a fast-growing leader in the communications sector.

Traditional PR Firm

Rubicon PR Group

Legacy Costs: High operational costs and debt, making engagements expensive.
Lean Operation: We're a global capable lean operation with no legacy costs or high operating debt, leading to better results and lower costs.
Inability to align on costs: Usually limited to one payment term, lacking flexibility.
Flexible Terms: Flexible payment terms including retainers, per-placement packages, and contingencies.
Segment Limited: Limited by particular market categories, restricting service flexibility.
Agnostic: We provide tailored PR services for companies and individuals across all categories.
Geo-Limited: Restricted to a specific city, region, or country, limiting deliverable options.
Multi-Market Capable: PR capabilities across multiple markets such as: Australia, Canada, USA, & more ensuring global reach and impact.
Long Ramp Up: Long ramp up period for client success particularly for earned editorial coverage.
Immediate High-Tier Earned Coverage: Ability to generate high-tier earned media coverage from the start, no long wait periods.
Limited Segmenting: Focus on one segment, limiting ability to align with unique needs.
Multiple Verticals: Experience with SMEs, individuals, and agencies across B2C, B2B, and partnerships.

Some Of Our Clients

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Inquiring about something specific?

Dive into our specialized capabilites to find exactly what your brand needs for standout visibility.

Media Relations

Solutions for Editorial Coverage, TV, and Non-Sponored Advertorial Coverage.

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Investor Relations

Bridging the communication gap between companies and their investors, whether you're a start-up or a public entity.

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Specialized PR Services

From professional industry lists to company announcements and more, discover our specialized PR services.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you ensure media placements are authentic and not paid?

We focus primarily on earned media, building relationships with journalists and media outlets. This ensures that your placements are genuine editorial content, adding credibility and authority to your brand's image.

What industries do you specialize in for PR services?

Our team is industry-agnostic, tailoring strategies to fit any sector. We analyze your brand's specifics and position you effectively within your target market, leveraging our extensive industry knowledge.

How quickly can I expect media coverage after engaging with Rubicon PR Group?

Our streamlined system and media relationships often result in faster turnaround times than industry averages. However, the exact timeline can vary based on specific campaign objectives and media outlet responsiveness.

Can I choose the media outlets where my brand appears?

While we offer guidance based on our expertise and relationships, we always collaborate with clients to target desired media outlets, ensuring alignment with your brand's goals and audience.

What differentiates Rubicon PR Group from traditional PR firms?

Our emphasis on earned media, and direct ties with top-tier outlets set us apart, ensuring our clients benefit from an approach that's both modern and results-focused.

How are your services tailored for different business sizes and professionals?

We offer a range of services suited for individuals, service professionals, small businesses, middle-market (SME) entities, and large private/public sector communications, ensuring a customized approach for every client.

What categories do you mainly work with?

Although Rubicon PR Group is agnostic, We primarily work with: High multiple Early Stage Start-ups, & Financial Service companies.

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